Monday, December 23, 2013

Final finish of 2013

This is probably my final finish for the year.  I can't believe I almost forgot to take pictures of it!  I had already wrapped it up, then realized I needed a picture. So it isn't the greatest picture, taken late at night,but at least it is done.  I finished the baby rag quilt I needed for Christmas.

I actually also finished all of the blocks for the "Three bean salad" quilt mentioned in my previous post. I hope to get the top together after the holidays.  Here's to clearing up more of that "to do" list in 2014! I am linking this to A lovely year of finishesA Passion for Applique's Nothing but UFOs and Quarter 4: 2013 Finish Along

I was only able to complete two of my projects on my fourth quarter to do list.  This baby quilt and the red and green rag quilt. On this baby quilt, I ended up pulling some of the darker blue from another planned rag quilt to make it work with the color scheme the family chose.  However, even though only two from the list were completed, I did make progress on some of the other quilts and also completed some projects that weren't listed.  Here is to a more productive 2014!


  1. congrats! it is a fantastic finish! Happy New Year.

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