Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May Goal

I can't believe how many scraps I had stuffed into that bag from last month!  I was trying to work on them fifteen minutes a day, but that always ended up being longer and I STILL didn't get them finished!  So, I will still work away at them a little bit at a time...

However, my April goal is to finish turning the curved pieces on my Mexican Star quilt and get the borders put on it.  That's it, just to get the top completed. I am linking this up to A Lovely year of finishes

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Q2: Finish Along

I didn't finish many of my projects, but I did get a little further along on a couple!  I also started a couple more, which are now being added to the list. I do hope to have a few more completed this quarter! Linking up for Q2 of the 2015 Finish Along


1.  These strips have been cut since I first discovered the Scrappy Trip Along craze on Flickr--back in January 2013!  These strips have been moved from the chair in my craft room to the guest room, back to the craft room when guests arrived and now, I want to actually work on it! I actually got to put two blocks together this past quarter! I love it!  UPDATE:  This strips have now been dumped off the board I store them on, twice! LOL DH refuses to move them for me.  I have gotten two more blocks completed, for a total of four! 

2.  A lap quilt from a pattern titled Three Bean Salad by Miss Rosie.  I loved the colors of the sample so much, I decided to replicate them!  This is partially pieced, one I usually take to the guild sewins.   I have all of the blocks pieced. I laid them out on the floor to see how it would look.
UPDATE: This top is pieced and the borders are on it-just need to sandwich and quilt.

3. A quilt top made during Pleasant Home's Sew Scraps Along 2012. The top is actually all pieced, I just love this picture, so I need to quilt and bind it.

4.  A quilt top started during Thought and Found's Oh my stars BOM last year. I only have about eight of the fifteen LARGE stars completed.

5. I hand pieced this sampler over 17 years ago. It was a class I took to occupy my time while my husband (then boyfriend) went away to college. It needs to be quilted and bound.

6. I actually bought this top at an auction my guild held.  However, I want to do some redwork in the open blocks and then quilt and bind.

7.  I finished this top in February. Now it needs to be quilted and bound.

8. Star Surround QAL.  I am not happy with the yellow fabric for the surround. It was so much brighter when it was folded up! I also mixed up where I placed those color corner pieces. So, I kind of set this aside.

9.  Another QAL that I started but then fell behind.  I don't want all of these projects to just start piling up.

10. This is one of the first quilts I ever started, over nine years ago!  I have most of the blocks together, I just need to sew them together and piece the border. This one is a wall hanging. I kind of have put off finishing it because I wasn't crazy about the fabrics anymore, but it is starting to grow on me again.

11. Penny Patch QAL---this QAL has quilted along without me! LOL I was doing well until the piecing part, then life got busy and my temporary design wall had to come down so I could get inside the closet that holds the wrapping paper! LOL So, I will need to lay this one out again and finish it.

12. Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice mystery. I started pressing and cutting for this one. However, I don't have enough scraps to work from, so I am going scrappy using fat quarters. With at least 10-20 different fats in each color--that is A LOT of pressing before I can even play! LOL Slowly working away at it.

13. I have had these fabrics set aside for a Swoon quilt for at least a year now. I would love to get it made this year!

14.  The Fat Quarter Shop 2012 BOM.  Obviously, I never even started this one. Now, the 2013 BOM is starting to pile up as well. I really want to get to work on this one!

15. The 2013 Fat Quarter Shop BOM is starting to pile up as well. REALLY want to get started on this one too!

16.  I received this quilt kit two Christmases ago.  It is my first hand applique project and it is taking me forever! I can't wait to finish it and hang it in my craft room.

17.  I received this quilt kit several years ago. This is the first Flea Market Fancy collection along with the Tag Sale pattern. I would love to get this one completed for our bed---before we change the colors in the bedroom! When I received this kit, I really wanted to make it exactly as pictured--I have notes trying to keep track of where each fabric was used. Now, I don't think I need to be that neurotic about it! LOL I actually think I am going to use it as a leader and ender project while I work on another quilt.

18. Yet another quilt kit I received for a birthday present several years ago. I still love the colors and can't wait to get this one finished! UPDATE:  This quilt is all cut out and I have begun piecing it.

19. This is a quilt along that I started--seven weeks after it began! I was hoping to get the book for Christmas--which I did! So, I am trying to catch up and keep up at the same time.  

20-21. I hope to make a couple of these quilts from all of the flannel scraps left from the rag quilts I have made in the past.  I am hoping for at least one pastel and one bright one. But, I am just in the process of cutting the scraps, so I don't know what will end up working. 

22.  Just need to quilt my Aurifil mini for February.

23.  I started these scrappy stars as part of a challenge to use up scraps. I was working through my 1.5" scraps as leaders and enders. Now to get it finished!

24. Bonnie Hunter's new mystery quilt, Grand Illusion.  I have steps one and two cut out.

25. Aurifil's mini for January. Already started cutting this one out.
Update: The top is pieced, but I think it is too busy. Still, should quilt it for the FMQ practice!

26. Mexican Star. I need to hand sew that one intersection that isn't lining up perfectly for me! 
Update: FINALLY finished hand sewing the part that wasn't lining up-still isn't perfect! GRRRR, but now I am working on turning the curved parts, then add the border and quilt.

27. Mountain Top. A group project, we each made a couple blocks for each participant. Now I need to sew them together. Oh, and make a couple blocks for myself!

28. Scrappy Diamonds quilt.

29. Elizabeth Hartman's Catvent quilt. I am still collecting the fabrics for this one. I can't wait to start it!

30.  Wind in the Whiskers.  This one is a BOM I am receiving.  This quilt, that block on top in particular, spoke to my heart. I need to make it. That top block reminded me of our two boys. Our little white guy passed away, but they used to always be together. Seriously, brought tears to my eyes the first time I saw that block. I just knew I had to make this quilt!

31. Way behind, just finally deciding on the fabrics for the March Aurifil mini!

32.  I started the Irish Chain with a Twist as a quilt along- but fell behind the weekly goals.  

Well, at least I have ended on a nice even number! I did empty a couple containers with the two rag quilts I finished, however, I had projects started to add right into those spaces on my list, and it continues to grow!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April Goal

I know I have a to do list of UFOs and projects I would like to start, but I feel like I need to take some time to get my craft room reorganized and straightened up. I am starting to accumulate bags and containers of projects and scraps on the floor all over the room!  So, my goal for April is to attack and tame one of the bags of scraps sitting there taunting me. LOL

I know this particular bag contains some orphan blocks that I picked up from the free table at a guild meeting. It also has a tank top that I want to deconstruct and save the body of the fabric for a quilt. So, my goal is to get everything pressed and put away in the appropriate containers to be used at a later date! I didn't realize how much I had crammed into this bag until I fluffed it a little and pulled some out! Yikes! It will be good to get it organized. Linking to A lovely year of finishes.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March Goal Accomplished

I worked almost up to the deadline, but I did it! I finished my March goal. However, it is late and I am tired-so this post is going to be short and sweet.  Here is the rag quilt I completed for March. I will be linking this to A lovely year of finishes and  the 2015 Finish Along.

Monday, March 2, 2015

March Goal

My goal for March is another rag quilt!  I would like to have this cat themed rag quilt and the owl one from last month ready so I can choose depending on which way our niece goes with colors and decorations. Actually, I just realized they are the same colors! Well...she is a cat lover, but her Pinterest page is full of owl items for her baby shower, so I will have to see which one works!  Linking this up to A Lovely Year of Finishes.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

February Finish

I completed my February goal- the owl rag quilt is ragged and ready to be washed and wrapped up for a shower gift!  I also completed a little mini heart quilt for myself. It feels good to get a couple items completed this month.  I am linking up to A lovely year of Finishes . This is also number 23 from my  first quarter list   for the 2015 Finish Along.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hip to be Square challenge

I decided to join Pat Sloan's "Hip to be Square" challenge, using it as a leader and ender project. However, as the deadline approached it became more of a leader! LOL So I have been working on this like crazy. My craft room has stations set up so I can move around and work on different aspects of the blocks when I need a change.

There is the pressing station... I learned that leaving the chained pieces together and to press is a lot easier. (Ignore the burnt ironing board cover. I need to change it.)

The pinning and cutting station. Slowly running out of room there as the piles of cut scraps, cut pieces and the pieces needing to be pinned pile up.

The pieces waiting to be chain stitched next to my sewing machine.

The blocks.  Slowly coming together. Those darn 1 1/2 inch blocks take a lot of time to piece! Sadly, I don't think I made it for Pat's challenge. However, I certainly fulfilled my 20 minutes a day for Beth's Drop and Give Me Twenty..... by MORE than 20 minutes a day. (Like six hours today, several hours yesterday and a couple hours each day throuhout the week....)