Friday, January 18, 2013

Drop and Give Me Twenty 2013

Even though I am a relatively new quilter, as in only completed the entire process once, I seem to have accumulated quite the stack of UFOs and baskets of UFO want-to-bes. You know, the patterns and QALS I see on line that I just have to try so  pull the fabrics I have that work for it--though still need some more so maybe I will get to them--someday.  I think that is my problem, I seriously have quilt ADD.

So, having discovered Beth Helfter's Quiting Hottie blog and her Drop and Give me twenty challenge I decided to take the plunge and commit to sewing everyday in February. Hopefully this will help me finish up some of the stuff I started!

Here is my pledge:

I, Kim Rennie (newer quilter already drowning in UFOs) am joining Quilting Hottie Haven's second annual DaGMT event, and pledge to quilt for (30 minutes minimum-though really hope it is more)  every day of the month of February, 2013. In doing so I hope to (finish some of the UFOS and get a little further on others) and of course,   I think Beth Helfter is brilliant for coming up with this concept and inspiring me to join."