Friday, January 18, 2013

Drop and Give Me Twenty 2013

Even though I am a relatively new quilter, as in only completed the entire process once, I seem to have accumulated quite the stack of UFOs and baskets of UFO want-to-bes. You know, the patterns and QALS I see on line that I just have to try so  pull the fabrics I have that work for it--though still need some more so maybe I will get to them--someday.  I think that is my problem, I seriously have quilt ADD.

So, having discovered Beth Helfter's Quiting Hottie blog and her Drop and Give me twenty challenge I decided to take the plunge and commit to sewing everyday in February. Hopefully this will help me finish up some of the stuff I started!

Here is my pledge:

I, Kim Rennie (newer quilter already drowning in UFOs) am joining Quilting Hottie Haven's second annual DaGMT event, and pledge to quilt for (30 minutes minimum-though really hope it is more)  every day of the month of February, 2013. In doing so I hope to (finish some of the UFOS and get a little further on others) and of course,   I think Beth Helfter is brilliant for coming up with this concept and inspiring me to join."


  1. Quilt ADD - ok that's a new one for me. It's so easy to just try this block or that QAL. Addicts, that's what we all are!

    Enjoy DaGMT - I'm in for 30 minutes a day too! My list isn't huge but I'm hoping my accomplishments are!

  2. I totally share in the QADD. For sure! Mostly I just like to start new things, and then when I lose interest, go find some more fabric and start dreaming up something totally different. lol :) Will be fun to follow along with you, and see what all you get done.

  3. Hi Kim! Thank you for visiting! I swap squares for a Scrap Vomit Quilt through Swap-Bot, as well as other fabrics and blocks.

  4. I think I just get bored or frustrated with my projects and move onto another one .. oh wait - that would be ADD wouldn't it???

    Good luck for February. I am trying for 30 minutes a day as well.

  5. I think most quilters have ADD....seriously. Otherwise, there wouldn't be all this talk about UFOs :) Good luck! I'm right there with ya!

  6. I love new quilters that already have plenty of UFOs and QALs, then I don't have to feel so bad. LOL. Thanks for commenting on my blog - lets encourage one another okay? I think you can do the 30 min. It's doable. I'm following you now.

  7. Hi Kim, seems like there is always some quilt project I can't wait to try. My new year's resolution was to finish up some UFO's before I treat myself to something new. This quilting a little each day is really helping. Now if I could just stop buying cute fabric with no project in mind... Looking forward to seeing what you will complete.

  8. I'm much like you. New quilter who has only finished one project but have multiple projects going.
    Maybe we can help each other be more productive.

    I'm a follower.

  9. I think the trouble is there are always so many exciting things to do! I'm following you in your side bar widget :)