Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My first completed quilt!

I did it! I did it!  I completed my first quilt, alone. I had done a small sampler several years ago in a class, but hadn't done any sewing or quilting for about six years after that.  This baby quilt came about after I brought home a couple boxes of fabrics and notions from my Mother-in-Law.  When I opened up the teddy bear fabric, I saw that it was really just scraps left from a pair of pajama bottoms.  So, I went to my quilting magazines and looked for a pattern that would accomodate the amount of fabric I had. It was close, but I was able to cut the bear squares from what I had left.  Then I went and pulled the rest of the fabrics.  I did purchase the striped fabric because I wanted stripes for the binding. I used flannel on the backing.

That border design was tough! I was trying to do it with my walking foot so, the loops are far from perfect. I followed and combined a couple binding tutorials I found online and am happy with how it turned out. However, I don't understand on the binding-how far do you turn it over on the back?  Is it supposed to be snug to the edge of the quilt sandwich once folded?  The binding is thicker on the back than on the front.

Now I am trying to tackle the larger quilt for my newest niece. However, I am using the serpentine stitch and it is not coming out in even curves like it did on all of my practice sandwiches! Grr!

Here is my first independently completed quilt. (I haven't washed it yet, so some of the blue chalk from the marking is still on the border.)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Q2: 2013 Finish Along

The first quarter seemed to fly by this year! I didn't actually get anything on my list completed. Though a couple items moved closer to being finished. So, most of my list is the same and I added some more!

Here is my list for this quarter:

1. A baby quilt for my sister using Marmalade fabrics and the Dilly Dally pattern both designed by Bonnie and Camille. Since my sister is due in February, this one needs to be finished pronto! My sweet niece has arrived and while this top is now complete-I still need to quilt it.

2.  A flannel rag quilt that needs to be pieced and ragged! LOL  This one is just to have on hand for those new babies.

3.  A lap quilt from a pattern titled Three Bean Salad by Miss Rosie.  I loved the colors of the sample so much, I decided to replicate them!  This is partially pieced, one I usually take to the guild sewins.

4. Eight flannel pillowcases I am in the process of completing for our Guild charity.  Pictured here are the main part of the pillowcases. I was in the middle of cutting them out, but set them aside to work on the baby quilt listed in number one.

5. A quilt top made during Pleasant Home's Sew Scraps Along 2012. The top is actually all pieced, I just love this picture, so I need to quilt and bind it.

6.  A quilt top started during Thought and Found's Oh my stars BOM last year. I only have about eight of the fifteen LARGE stars completed.

7. A baby quilt inspired by trying to find a pattern that would work with the scraps of the teddy bear fabric I found in a box of fabrics from my Mother-in-Law.  It just needs to be quilted and bound.  I did my first machine quilting on this one--the border was tough! I hope to bind and finish this quilt this quarter.

8. I hand pieced this sampler over 17 years ago. It was a class I took to occupy my time while my husband (then boyfriend) went away to college. It needs to be quilted and bound.

9. I actually bought this top at a auction my guild held.  However, I want to do some redwork in the open blocks and then quilt and bind.

10.  I finished this top in February. Now it needs to be quilted and bound.

11. Another rag quilt I had cut and set aside. I really hope to finish this and the girly one above before a great niece or nephew is born this summer.

Phew! Seeing I didn't complete ANYTHING from my list last quarter--I wonder what I will get done this time.  I know number one needs to be done for sure! The two rag quilts as well.