Saturday, February 28, 2015

February Finish

I completed my February goal- the owl rag quilt is ragged and ready to be washed and wrapped up for a shower gift!  I also completed a little mini heart quilt for myself. It feels good to get a couple items completed this month.  I am linking up to A lovely year of Finishes . This is also number 23 from my  first quarter list   for the 2015 Finish Along.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hip to be Square challenge

I decided to join Pat Sloan's "Hip to be Square" challenge, using it as a leader and ender project. However, as the deadline approached it became more of a leader! LOL So I have been working on this like crazy. My craft room has stations set up so I can move around and work on different aspects of the blocks when I need a change.

There is the pressing station... I learned that leaving the chained pieces together and to press is a lot easier. (Ignore the burnt ironing board cover. I need to change it.)

The pinning and cutting station. Slowly running out of room there as the piles of cut scraps, cut pieces and the pieces needing to be pinned pile up.

The pieces waiting to be chain stitched next to my sewing machine.

The blocks.  Slowly coming together. Those darn 1 1/2 inch blocks take a lot of time to piece! Sadly, I don't think I made it for Pat's challenge. However, I certainly fulfilled my 20 minutes a day for Beth's Drop and Give Me Twenty..... by MORE than 20 minutes a day. (Like six hours today, several hours yesterday and a couple hours each day throuhout the week....)

Sunday, February 1, 2015

February Goal

Those babies are arriving shortly! Since I usually give a rag quilt to our nieces and nephews' babies, I need to get a move on some more of them!  My goal for February is to complete this rag quilt. Right now I have the pieces all cut out. This is doable!!!! Linking to A lovely year of Finishes