Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Just joined rehab....

BOM(block of the month) rehab that is! While I have been following many scrapbooking blogs for a couple years now, I just started adding quilting blogs to my repertoire as well. During my reading, I kept coming across different QALs and BOMs that I just LOVED and bookmarked! I have started a couple, am behind in them all! LOL So when I came across the BOM rehab challenge at Pink Cushion, I knew I had to sign up!


However, I didn't get a lot accomplished this week. I actually only completed the BOM for my quilt guild. I really like the design of this block and may need to make an entire quilt out of it. But first, I am going to finish up my BOMs!

This week I hope to work on more of the stars for the "Oh my Stars" QAL. I also would like to make a block from the "Hello Sun" BOM. Are you addicted to BOMs? Perhaps you need to join rehab also!

1 comment:

  1. I have joined BOM Rehab but what I am finding is that I see more and more that I would like to try. The block you completed is lovely, it would make a very pretty quilt. I want to start on Hello Sun too. I have the fabric set aside waiting.