Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Charming Travelers are here!

I received the Charming Travelers from Deb at Trio Stitch Studio earlier this week. Of course I immediately opened them and looked through them all----twice! However, I haven't finalized my choices yet. I am tentatively looking at about 18 of the charms. While I finish swooning over them, I thought I would get the drawing started!

This swap was started by Diane at from Blank Pages during her birthday celebration giveaways. She dug into her stash and cut out fifty-six 5"x5" charms, packed them up and sent them on their way to Deb. Deb picked out the charms she wanted, replaced them with the same amount and sent the package on to me. Do you want to play?

Here are the rules:

  * you must be an active blogger

  * you must reside in the US

  * before sending the charm pack off to the next winner, you must be sure there are 56 - 5" x 5" squares of 
     fabric in the stack - please no yucky fabrics

 * to help keep the map updated, you must fill out the quick and easy form to let Diane know where you    

* if the charm pack arrives full of unwanted charms, let Diane know and we'll clear it out and fill it back up   
   with some more beautiful fabrics!

Sound like fun!? There are still a bunch of Hope Valley charms in the pack! I am a new Denyse Schmidt fan, but I only took a couple from this collection. As a matter of fact, I am debating adding some Flea Market Fancy seeds (second printing) to the pack. Those are some of my highly coveted I am still thinking about it! ;) If you would like to have the Charming Travelers pay you a visit, leave a comment below. For a second entry, become a follower and leave another comment. This drawing will close Monday, May 7, 2010. (I am a little busy the next couple weeks, so I need some time to cut up my charms!) Good luck!


  1. What a good idea!! I would love to have a chance to win this. Thank you!

  2. Sounds like a great plan! I would love to swap squares.

  3. I like this idea so much. It would be fun to have a chance to look through these, nab a few, and replace them with some fun fabrics! Enjoy!

  4. I am a follower, and it has been fun to see your wins lately in a few different places.

  5. This sounds so incredibly fun! I can only hope to get a chance to add in some of my goodies to share.

  6. I am a follower! So happy to come across your blog. Looking forward to perusing a bit...