Friday, June 6, 2014

June Goal

This was my May goal...and it didn't get finished. So, I am making it my June goal! Since I now have the rows almost altogether-I know it will happen for June!  I have been having a heck of a time finding flannels in the colors the mother-to-be is using. I think I finally found some mint and grey prints, hope they all work together when I actually see them in person. They are enroute, I was hoping they would be here so I could take pictures for this post. Instead, I am using pictures from the fabric site. Here are the fabrics..I hope the greys all go together!  I am linking this to A Lovely Year of Finishes.  When the fabrics arrived, a couple were more taupe than grey-so I had to eliminate them. These are the final fabrics, along with one with a couple dogs that I had in my stash.



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