Monday, May 27, 2013

"Dilly Dally" is complete (how appropriate is that title!?)

I did it! I finally finished my first larger quilt!  I find it ironic that the pattern was titled Dilly Dally, since it seems like that is what I did while working on it.  To be honest, I wasn't sure this one was ever going to be finished! There was even a point when I started to strongly dislike this quilt for all of the troubles and worries I had while completing it. In the end, I loved it and seriously considered keeping it for myself...However, it was completed and given to my goddaughter after her Christening.

There was a brief period of panic when I thought the blue marking lines weren't going to come out of my borders. I had tried using water, as the directions stated, but it didn't work.  As soon as I arrived at my Mom's I told her we needed to go to Joann's to get a fabric eraser. It didn't work.  We were told to try some vinegar, that didn't work.  By then it was late so we decided to just throw it into the wash, thinking perhaps I hadn't used enough water  when trying to blot at the markings.  After the wash, the lines were still there. By this time it was late the night before I needed to give it away-so I decided that it was going to have to be this way and threw it into the dryer.   SURPRISE!!! When I pulled it out of the dryer--the marks were gone! Here is my goddaughter enjoying her new quilt. As soon as we laid her down on it she spread out her arms and legs, as if to say-this is all mine! LOL

Her older brother truly appreciates homemade presents.  When he saw this quilt he stated, "This quilt is beautiful! Grandma, you should have Aunt Kim teach you how to make one."

I am so glad I finally finished it! I have an even bigger appreciation of all the domestic machine quilters out there!  I can't wait to try some more quilting-I see it takes ALOT of practice.
I am linking this up for my May finish in a  A lovely year of finishes  It was also one of my goals for the 2013 Finish Along at She can quilt.


  1. Gorgeous quilt! I love the photo of your goddaughter on it – she does look like she's claiming it.

  2. I would have panicked too if the blue hadn't come out. What a relief, eh? The quilt is wonderful - the perfect colors and pattern for your little one. Well done!

  3. Oh, I struggled to get blue out once, too, because I had procrastinated and worked on it for such a long time. Oops! I soaked it in Oxyclean and that helped somewhat.

    The quilt, and your goddaughter, are absolutely beautiful! Great job!!!

  4. Your quilt is gorgeous! I still haven't used those markers because I'm terrified it will stain :)

  5. What a "Dilly". lol It's gorgeous!

    I learned the hard way to not mark very far in advance with blue wash away marker. If left on for long, as you discovered, it doesn't come out easily. After my experience I would never leave it on more than a month and then I soak overnight in cold water with no soap before washing. Some laundry soap can set the marker permanently. Yikes!!! So glad your wonderful quilt wasn't ruined.

  6. Lovely. Lovely quilt! Love that baby too!