Thursday, April 14, 2011

What are you doing this weekend?

I am going to be busy cropping!  On Saturday I am attending a twelve hour crop at Papercraft Clubhouse, a wonderful scrapbooking store in Westbrook, CT. This weekend is special because it is the first anniversary since Tracie took over the store! It has been awhile since I have attended a crop, but I am meeting irl a friend that I  met on a message board--so it should be twice as fun! (Too bad Meg and Stephanie couldn't make it! We will get to meet someday!:) )

As if that wasn't enough excitement....I am also going to be participating with the online  "More Stash than Cash" Crop (isn't that name great!?) over at Dixie Pieces. The crop starts Friday, April 15 and ends on Sunday, April 17.  If you stop over to play, please let them know Kittymomma sent you!

Hopefully my next post will actually include some scrapping! I have a few things in the works....Dixie Pieces


  1. Sounds like fun! How exciting to meet an online friend! Off to check out Dixie Pieces!

  2. Kim,
    You need to post more!! LOL I started to write about how fun your weekend sounds but it was last month!! ha
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and joining in on the blog hop. Thanks also for following me and for the nice comment. I enjoyed reading it and hope you stop back by when you get a chance. Stacy H-W

  3. Yep... you need to post more often =)

    Have a wonderful week and wekend

  4. How fun! I am going to a crop next weekend and will meet an online friend! You are goign to hae to post more now that you have a blog girlie!