Thursday, July 18, 2019

Quarter 3: Finish Along

Well, how disappointing. I actually finished #34 from last quarter, my cross stitch "Miss December" kitty. However, I totally thought it was from the first quarter, so I didn't even link it up for credit! :( I am definitely going to finish some of these this quarter!  I also am really debating letting some of these go. I no longer really love them, or they aren't really my colors anymore.

I am thinking about cutting up #3, the picnic quilt. I was only really holding onto it because it is the one quilt Peachie "helped" me with it. So, maybe just cutting it down and keeping a small piece? I thought it would be good to practice quilting, but it is HUGE.  Decisions, decisions.

This quarter is going to be about paring down this list so I can work on all the new projects on my list.

1.  I have about ten of these blocks completed now. Hoping to finish this one to fit our queen size bed.  I also know how I want to quilt it and plan to take the certification class at my LQS so I can use the longarm.
2.  This still needs to be quilted. I am practicing my FMQ and hope to work on this soon.

3. A quilt top made during Pleasant Home's Sew Scraps Along 2012. The top is actually all pieced, I just love this picture, so I need to quilt and bind it. Another top waiting to be quilted.  (this is one I am debating letting go. At the time I made do with the fabrics I had in my stash. I don't really love the quilt, it is more the memory of Peachie with it. I am thinking about cutting down a smaller part to keep and let the rest go.)

4.  A quilt top started during Thought and Found's Oh my stars BOM last year. I only have about eight of the fifteen LARGE stars completed.  I really want to get back to this quilt! Love the colors and plan to do some big stitch quilting around all of the stars in coordinating colors.
5. I hand pieced this sampler over 17 years ago. It was a class I took to occupy my time while my husband (then boyfriend) went away to college. It needs to be quilted and bound. I am planning to handquilt this one! I took a class and am practicing before I jump in here.

6.  This one needs to be quilted.

7. This row by row quilt needs to be quilted and bound.

8. Pineapple quilt I started in a workshop this past August.

9. Penny Patch QAL---this QAL has quilted along without me! LOL I was doing well until the piecing part, then life got busy and my temporary design wall had to come down so I could get inside the closet that holds the wrapping paper!  So, I will need to lay this one out again and finish it.

10. I started these trees a couple years ago. I am stuck, trying to figure out how to finish the top and then to make the two smaller trees.

11.  The Fat Quarter Shop 2012 BOM.  I have all but five of these blocks together now.  I want to change the setting so I am trying to figure out if I have enough fabric from the finishing kit to make it happen.

12. All but one block of this quilt is complete.  Deciding the quilting will be tough!

13.  I received this quilt kit two Christmases ago.  It is my first hand applique project and it is taking me forever! I can't wait to finish it and hang it in my craft room.

14.  I received this quilt kit several years ago. This is the first Flea Market Fancy collection along with the Tag Sale pattern. I would love to get this one completed for our bed---before we change the colors in the bedroom! When I received this kit, I really wanted to make it exactly as pictured--I have notes trying to keep track of where each fabric was used. Now, I don't think I need to be that neurotic about it! LOL I actually think I am going to use it as a leader and ender project while I work on another quilt.

15. This quilt has half of the blocks pieced, but they are coming out the wrong size!  I really want to get this one completed!

16. Quilty Fun quilt I have more than half of the blocks completed.  

17.  Just need to quilt this mini.

18.  I started these scrappy stars as part of a challenge to use up scraps. I was working through my 1.5" scraps as leaders and enders. Now to get it finished!
19. Finished handsewing all of the curves, now I just need to quilt it.
20.Halfway through quilting this top. Just didn't get a new picture of it!

21. I want to turn this block into a pillow for my niece.
22. A Christmas cross stitch pattern I recently started. Hope to have it finished for this Christmas!
23. Nine Patch Posie. I am finally starting to assemble this top! I love it!!
24.  Scrappy Braid table runner. Just needs to be quilted and bound.
25. Add the border and finish this mini quilt. (Still debating if I want to add a little embroidery also.)

26.My memorial quilt for our sweet boy.  I have started to cut out the rest of the hearts, but haven't really felt like sewing since we had to put him to sleep at the end of November.
27.  Still working on the embroidery on the skate. Hope to get this made into a quilt.
28.  Catch up on my Farmer's Wife '30s quilt. I am so behind! I would love to at least get some more of the blocks cut out and ready to sew.
29. Start my "I'm a farmer's Daughter" quilt with my Denyse Schmidt charms collection.
30. DaisyDo quilt. This one is being hand pieced and I am trying to get better at the curves.

31.  Scrappy Stars quilt.  

32.  Line Dried. I loved this bundle and couldn't wait to start this quilt--then our cat became ill and this kit was set aside. 
33. This top was started in a workshop. Now I just want to turn it into a pillow cover, or a mini quilt.

34. Mason Jar Lineup.  I started this cross stitch design for my kitchen. I hope to finish this one soon!

35. I have been longing to start 8 Bit Berries!  I have an entire berry theme I want to put in the kitchen for June---and this quilt hanging on the wall is a main part of it! LOL I wonder if it will be this June...

36. Finish up this Dwell quilt from a swap I was in a couple years ago.

37.  I participated on the Raspberry kisses swap on Instagram a few years ago. I would like to get this quilt finished. I actually know the quilting design I want to try on my domestic machine, so maybe this will happen!
38.  I started working on Camille Roskelley's Sweet Escape pattern during her quilt along. Unfortunately, these are the only two blocks I completed! 

39. I fell in love with a scrappy heart quilt I saw on Instagram. The hearts reminded me on conversation hearts. I started cutting out my pieces, but then decided I wanted the squares smaller-so am in the process of trimming them all smaller.

40.  Red, pink, aqua  Swoon 16 quilt. Would love this one for Valentine's day.

41. Pumpkin Seeds quilt with Fig tree and CO. fabrics--- pond gingham for the sashing.

 42. Feathers quilt pattern using Strawberry Fields revisited.

 43. She believed she could cross stitch pattern.

Let's hope I get some of these completed this quarter for the 2019 Finsh-A-Long

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  1. So many great projects! I really love the palette for your pineapple quilt in #8. Have a great quarter! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2019 global FAL hosts.